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Manufacturer focus: BRIG, aeronautical engineering for the yachting industry

Manufacturer focus: BRIG, aeronautical engineering for the yachting industry

If you're looking for RIB boats that combine top performance with impeccable craftsmanship, Brig is the obvious choice.

Renowned for its cutting-edge technology inherited from the aeronautics industry and its commitment to quality, Brig is a major player in the global pleasure boat market.


History and founding of BRIG

Brig's story begins in 1992 in the Ukrainian town of Kherson. At that time, the USSR had just collapsed, and many talented engineers found themselves out of work.

It was against this backdrop that Valeriy Kostiuk, former chief engineer at the Yakovlev aircraft plant, decided to bring together a team of former colleagues to create a new company.

Motivated by their thirst for innovation and their technical know-how, these outstanding engineers decided to turn their attention to a field that was new to them: boat building.

They then founded Brig, a company specializing in the manufacture of inflatable and semi-rigid boats, in reference to a type of two-masted sailing ship used by pirates and privateers.

In 2014, the company was acquired by the Brunswick Corporation group, one of the world leaders in the marine industry. This takeover enabled Brig to increase its investment in research and development, and further expand its presence on the international market.


Aeronautical heritage at the heart of Brig's DNA

Brig's philosophy can be summed up in one sentence: to marry the cutting-edge technology and precision of aeronautical engineering with the best of naval craftsmanship. This unique marriage results in semi-rigid boats renowned for their :

  • Unrivalled strength and maneuverability thanks to construction techniques derived from aeronautics.
  • Outstanding sailing performance for remarkable speed and agility.
  • Increased reliability and safety for confident outings.


Iconic BRIG models

Since its creation, Brig has launched a range of innovative, high-performance RIBs that have won the hearts of yachtsmen and professionals alike.


The Falcon series: For lovers of speed and adrenalin

Brig Falcon 420

Designed for thrills and exhilarating boating adventures, the Falcon series stands out for its sporty lines, sleek design and remarkable performance.

Equipped with powerful engines and hydrodynamic hulls, she cuts through the waves with remarkable agility, making her the ideal choice for water sports enthusiasts such as waterskiing, wakeboarding or diving.

BRIG Falcon boats can carry up to 9 people (Falcon 480).


The Navigator series: Comfort and space for successful family outings

Brig pushes the limits of versatility with the Navigator series. This flagship combines proven technology, high-quality materials and innovative design to meet a wide range of needs.

Offering remarkable stability and speed inherited from the BRIG DNA, the Navigator 26 can be transformed to suit your every whim.

The Navigator 26's large, open bow deck and numerous stowage spaces make it the ideal choice for day trips. Its habitability and ergonomics also make it an excellent choice for coastal cruising with family or friends. As an option, it can be fitted with an aerated livewell, rod holders and float covers, making it the ideal companion for fishing enthusiasts.


The Eagle series: Versatility and adaptability for all types of boating pleasure

Brig Eagle 6

Brig's Eagle is a true Swiss Army knife of the sea, adaptable to all nautical desires: fishing, boating, water sports or family outings. Its versatile design, generous space and reliable performance make it an ideal choice for yachtsmen looking for a boat that's both efficient and adaptable.

The flagship Eagle 6 model boasts a spacious deck, generous sundeck and comfortable seating for up to 10 passengers. Plenty of storage space under every seat means you can make the most of every moment at sea.

Its sturdy design, with reinforced deep-V hull, elongated waterline, extra-wide tubes and square bow, ensures remarkable stability and seakeeping, even in difficult conditions.



In conclusion, Brig has established itself as a world leader in RIBs thanks to its commitment to innovation, quality and performance. Whether you're a seasoned boater or a novice looking for adventure, the Ukrainian brand offers you a boat designed to take you to new horizons.



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