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Delivery in all Europe* | Express Shipping in 72h
Delivery in all Europe* | Express Shipping in 72h
Repair Semi-Rigid float
Repair Semi-Rigid float
To repair your RIB tube, choose the original ORCA Retail
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Hypalon repair fabric
Hypalon repair fabric
Leader in CSM fabrics, discover our unique colours and finishes
Our fabrics
Inflatable Boat Maintenance
Inflatable Boat Maintenance
Protective wax, adhesives, tanks and more, everything for the maintenance of your float
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Semi-Rigid Boat Repairers
Semi-Rigid Boat Repairers
Our network of repair partners to serve you
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Our Hypalon® fabrics (CSM/neoprene)

All our fabrics are produced by us, validated and checked by our internal laboratory, which ensures the traceability and guarantee of your orders.

Hypalon fabrics for cutting

Cutting fabrics

ORCA® 820/828/866 Hypalon® Neoprene fabrics with unique finishes (Carbon / Fabric Impression / Honeycomb / Perlage) for a selection of over 40 colours.

All our fabrics are available for purchase by the linear meter (100x145cm width) for customization or repair of your boat.

Orders shipped within 72 hours.

see all fabrics
UV resistant


abrasion resistant


hydrocarbon resistant

To hydrocarbons

all brands compatible

All brands compatible

Our accessories for RIBs

Discover our cleaning products and accessories for the customization, maintenance and repair of inflatable boats.

Asis Inflatable Boats
Brig Inflatable Boats
Zodiac Inflatable Boats
Large Inflatable Boats
Highfield Inflatable Boats

*Our products are suitable for the repair and maintenance of all makes of RIB boats on the market.
See the full list of brands in our FAQ.

Boat and Tyre Repairs

About us

You want to extend the life of your semi-rigid tubes and avoid their replacement?

ORCA Retail provides you with everything you need to repair, maintain or customize your pneumatic float, whether you are a professional or a private individual.

Our factory in Mouscron, Belgium, produces hundreds of meters of hypalon® neoprene fabric every day to meet the requirements of RIB boat builders (e.g. Zodiac, Bombard, BRIG, Highfield, Yamaha, Honda...) and to act as protection and reinforcement of your hulls against tears, leaks and punctures.

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professional boat repairer

Repairer network

ORCA is developing a network of professional partners close to you in France and Europe for the maintenance and repair of your RIB.

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Our support team is here to help you.
If you have any questions, please contact us at the following email address:
Or fill in the form on our contact page.


Orca Retail's Hypalon fabrics are suitable for the repair, customization and maintenance of all brands of semi-rigid inflatable boats on the market: AB INFLATABLE (Artigiana Battelli), Achilles, Aire, Alson, Apex, Aquarius, Aqua Dutch, Aquapro, Asso, Aquascan, Ark, Avon, Arancia, Arimar, Ballistic Ribs, Barracuda, Bat, Beluga, BSC Brig (CANADA) Brig (UKRAINE), BWA, Callegari, Capelli, Caribe France, Caribe USA, Centaure, Castoldijet, Cobra, Delta Power, Dibboats, Discov'RIB, Duarry, Doriak, Dromor, Dux, E-sea, Espadon semi-rigid, Hypalon, Euro Inflatables, Eurovinil, Explorer Marine, Falcon, Flexboat Construções Náuticas, Fiord boat, Forsea, Focchi, Gemini, Goldfis, Gommonautica, Gommorizzo, Grand Marine, Gugel, Gumotex, Henshaw, marine, Hy-Seas, Imar Infanta (South Africa), Joker Boat, Lancer, Lencraft, Lomac, Mako, Mar-co, Mariner, Master, Motonautica Vesuviana, MNEV & Co (UK), Naiad Nautica International, Nautica Led, Nautica Ondina, North Wind Marine, Novurania, NRS, Nuova Jolly,, Ondina Oversea, Parker, PASCOE Pischel Bolero, Plastimar Plastimo, Polaris, Praktek, Predator, Prestige, Protector, Redbays Boats, Revenger, Ribco, Ribcraft USA, Ribcraft UK, Ribeye, Ribtec, Rib Unlimited, Sacs, Safe Boats, Scorpion, Sea Eagle, Seair, Sea safe, Sealegs, Selva, Sevylor Sillinger, Soar, Solemar, Solent, Southern Pacific, Sport RIB, Sportis, Stilmar, Stingher, Stingray Marine, Stylmer, Sun Marine, Tekno Sport, Tinker, Titan, Tohatsu, Top-line, Tornado, UFO, Valiant, Viking, Wiking, Wildcat, Willard Marine, Wing, XM, Yam, Zar Formenti, Zebec, Zeppelin, Zodiac, Zodiac Hurricane.

PVC is a thermoplastic while Hypalon Neoprene is a synthetic rubber.

PVC is a plastic material, easily industrialized with a low product cost, but it also has some disadvantages compared to ORCA Hypalon.

It is true that Hypalon is slightly more expensive than PVC because of its raw material, but in the long run, this difference is important.

The advantages of PVC are :

- Price
- The weight

The advantages of the Hypalon neoprene ORCA :

- UV resistance
- Longevity (a hypalon float can last up to 25 years when well maintained)
- Resistance to extreme temperatures, ideal for tropical areas
- Resistance to bending, impact, friction and abrasion
- Easy to repair thanks to the material and the cold gluing
- The resistance to hydrocarbons

- Resale price The disadvantages of PVC are :

- UV sensitivity and aging
- More difficult to repair
- Not recommended for intensive use
- Resale price

The disadvantages of Hypalon are :

- Weight
- Purchase price

If you want a boat that can be easily repaired, is more resistant to the elements and maintains a strong resale price, the choice of Hypalon is to be favored.
The Hypalon can last for many years if it is well maintained with ORCA products (New magic / Shmuffex / Gumemp100).

The main criterion for choosing your fabric is the length of your inflatable boat, but it is also preferable to use the same quality as the original fabric (your dealer will be able to help you).

Our range of neoprene fabrics is composed of 4 qualities of products, designed for different lengths of RIB boats.

In our online shop, you can buy our products by the linear meter (100x145cm), within the limit of 15 linear meters per reference, which is sufficient for use by a private individual or for repairers.

If you wish to place a larger order of fabric or if you are a professional (e.g. a float builder), please contact us directly at

Orca Retail is proud to offer you a wide range of 36 colors and finishes (Carbon / Beaded / Fabric Impression / Matt / Honeycomb / and Smooth) for our line of neoprene repair fabrics to allow you to repair and restyle your tire to your liking.

To choose the color that best suits you, order our color chart to get all the samples and finishes of our products.

Among the colors offered by Orca Retail, you will find the following references:
Artic Grey / Neptune Grey / Yellow Colorado / Etna Red / Black / Ice White / Cream White / Anthracite grey / Military Grey / Ocean Blue / Off White / Orange Silvano / Alpin Blue / Cappuccino ...

In addition to our repair fabrics, Orca Retail offers a range of maintenance products for your inflatable boat:

- Degreasing cleaners, especially before fitting our neoprene fabrics, or more generally to get rid of dirt, persistent grease stains, or other residues of old waxes and silicones.

- Antifungal products to eliminate fungus and mildew.

- Protective waxes to protect your boat from UV rays and salt for added shine and durability.

See our maintenance guide for more information.

They are profiled rubber strips, to be glued with ORCA Neoprene glue, providing protection against harmful shocks and rubbing to your RIB boat (pontoons, buoys, floating objects, rocks).

The scraper strips fit all types of float tubes: Zodiac, Bombard, Capelli, Brig, Nueva Jolly, Zar Formenti, SALPA, SELVA, 3D Tender, Highfield, Joker Boat...

Our products are available in the following countries Germany ; Austria ; Belgium Belgium; Bulgaria Bulgaria; Cyprus Cyprus; Croatia Croatia ; Denmark ; Estonia; Spain ; Estonia ; Finland ; France ; Greece ; Hungary ; Ireland; Italy Italy ; Latvia ; Lithuania ; Luxembourg ; Malta ; Netherlands ; Poland ; Portugal ; Czech Republic ; United Kingdom Romania ; Slovakia; Slovenia Slovenia; Sweden; Sweden.

They are packaged by the linear metre for fabrics.

In 5 and 25 litre drums for the adhesive and 750ml for the hardener.

In a 16 metre linear box for the Black Shark docking tape.

NAUTA flexible neoprene tanks are sold individually.

Delivery times depend on the country of delivery (remote countries / islands / rail, road, air, sea transport depending on the country may add an additional delay to the delivery.

We will assist you in tracking your delivery after your goods have been shipped.

Shipments are made on average within 72 working hours.

For more information on this subject, please consult our general terms and conditions of sale.

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Based on 27 reviews
Neoprene fabric glue

Neoprene fabric glue

Sample - Daisy of colours and finishes


It's a shame to sell your hypalon to individuals but not the glue that goes with it

Neptune grey hypalon

Great product, fast delivery.

Nothing to say

Very good quality

Perfect service

Ultra fast delivery even earlier than the warning

ORCA 820® Neoprene/CSM (Hypalon®)
Euro nautica Servicios

Reactive and order respected

Hypalon® (Neoprene/CSM) ORCA 866® fabric

RECOMENDED in my online academy

Los fabricantes y reparadores en CSM (neopreno) confiamos nuestra garantía a Orca, ha cambiado el mundo y ha habido contratiempos que muchos notamos en el tejido, pero sigue estando a la cabeza y espero que por mucho tiempo, su control de calidad con marcado de notas en las bobinas no falla y como fabricante en termosoldadura también no lo veo en otras marcas de tejidos de PVC y se echa de menos, quiero daros las gracias y estoy muy contento de recomendar Orca en mis cursos de fabricación de tubulares en CSM neopreno de la academia


Great product


very fast 48h delivery
and excellent quality hypalon fabric

Sample - Daisy of colours and finishes


Molto celeri nelle consegne.

Very good


Sample - Daisy of colours and finishes
jean toussaint bartoletti

Great product .
Immediate response by phone following my request by e-mail .
A big thank you
Very responsive, super professional
See you soon

Hypalon 828

Excelent material


soy socio y no e podido comprar

colored fabrics

as always, impeccable service. the order was placed the day before your vacation and the delivery was made within 72 hours. bravo and thank you. philippe

Neoprene fabric glue
stéphane Dekimpe
Fast delivery

Glue not yet used

Pregunta para comprar.

Buenas disculpe por casualidad hacen entrega para Venezuela, del material hypalon y el para el producto de limpieza New Magic?

Buenos días, señor,
Sí, ciertamente podemos entregar a Venezuela.
¿Puede enviarme un correo electrónico a'' o a'' ?

Muchas gracias.
David ROS

Neoprene fabric glue
Rafael Rodríguez

Buen pegamento

Neoprene fabric glue
Herman Vyverman
Orca hypalon 828

uitstekende hyplon-kwaliteit;de compatibele Orca lijm is ongelofelijk sterk;;de selectieve renovatie uitgevoerd van mijn RIB HUMBER Destroyer.. Resultaat voldoet geheel aan mijn verwachtingen. Mijn RIB kan terug meerdere jaren onbezorgd plezier geven

Hypalon® fabric (Neoprene/CSM) ORCA 828® - EXPRESS 72 HOURS
Herman Vyverman
hypalon orca 828 for repairing my RIB Humber Destoyer

Splendid fabric
fabulous glue
satisfyd with the products

Sample - Daisy of colours and finishes

very good experience

I found a very professional and kind person to assist me, I found everything I need easily. Absolutely recommended