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The best accessories for RIB boats

The best accessories for RIB boats

Whether or not they are used as tenders, RIB boats are very versatile. In our article"Why buy a RIB?" we already talked about the qualities of these light and surprisingly efficient boats, such as their great buoyancy, their ease of handling and transport, their resistance and their price.

But if the model of a boat is important for the nature of the sea trips you will make, the equipment or accessories you choose are just as important.

In this article, Orca Retail advises you on all the best accessories and equipment to own to make the most of your inflatable boat's potential.


Fishing with a RIB

RIB boats are well suited for fishing activities. With a lower waterline than rigid hull boats, fishing passengers are both closer to the action and enjoy more stability.

The first thing you need to bring along is of course the fishing rods! And for more comfort of use or to take advantage of a little idleness, investing in one or more rod holders (also called racks) seems to be the B.A.B. There are many different models, built-in, to be fixed yourself, with or without a protective cap (to avoid rust inside the rod holder), swiveling or not to change axis, etc. For a cane holder, count on a budget of 15 to 60 euros for the usual models.

The real fishermen will not forget to invest also in a lure or bait holder, to be fixed or in suction cup system, to have their accessories at hand.

Depending on your fishing style, you may or may not choose to buy a trolling boat, ideal for mackerel fishing in particular, and if you want to enjoy the wind and a little movement during your session!

fishing accessories

A set of knives for scaling or even lifting fillets can be a great way to keep your sailors or other budding cooks busy enjoying their catch (and throwing the unwanted parts out to sea instead of in the trash!). For cooking, there are many options for cooking accessories that you can carry on your RIB.

You can find stoves, planchas, BBQs or even small kitchenettes to enjoy the freshly caught fish directly (without forgetting the mini fridges or the icebox to quench your thirst).

And when it comes to dining, some modular RIBs allow you to switch from a rear deck configuration to a set of seats + table, ideal for sharing a meal in complete conviviality.

Of course, we also recommend that you invest in a cooler or other container that can hold the fish. Since RIB boats are again close to the water, you are not safe from escape attempts if you simply put your catch in the boat!

For long-lasting fishing trips, don't forget to protect yourself from the sun! Having an awning mounted on your RIB seems to be the best solution, otherwise, think about covers to avoid bad surprises and sunstroke!

One last piece of advice, and even if we have already provided a good range of accessories, try not to overload your inflatable boat with cumbersome equipment for your fishing trips in order to be able to move around easily, especially if there are many of you.



If your ambition is to enjoy the sun and the sea to sunbathe, contemplate the horizon and more generally relax, here are the accessories that are essential for your RIB:

  • Bathing decks: Most often located at the back, bathing decks are modular spaces that fill the space between benches (with an adjustable table, for example) to provide a relaxation area similar to a tatami mat that can accommodate several people. The bathing beaches are perfect for sunbathing and napping. You can also provide a few cushions (traditional or inflatable) to complete the set.
  • Ladder: almost indispensable for the entry or exit of swimmers in the water, make sure to choose a model that will be easily usable by all (with enough height under water for example). Rope or rigid, telescopic, retractable, foldable or coming out of a box, the possibilities are vast.
  • Showerhead: if you want to get rid of the salt after swimming, showerheads are a must! To be coupled with a clear water tank, there are shower kits at all prices, depending on the finish, their discretion, length, etc.
  • Marine toilet : for an optimal comfort of the passengers and if the size of your RIB allows it.
  • A radio or speakers: there's nothing better than a little music to relax or party on a boat!
  • Awnings, sunshades, biminis: in short, everything you need to protect yourself in case of bad weather or a sun storm.
  • Marine dishes: unbreakable to avoid unpleasant surprises.


Doing water sports

Are you more of a thrill seeker? No problem! With their very good acceleration capacities and their great maneuverability, RIB boats are ideal for sports such as water skiing, wakeboarding, or any other accessory that can be towed (buoy, banana). So what accessories should you have for water sports in RIBs?

  • Wakeboard, skis, buoys, bananas (or hot dogs), or other boards, of course.
  • Traction rope with a spreader bar (to hold with your hands) of course, to tie you to the boat. Most water sports ropes are buoyant, so make sure this is the case.
  • A ski-pulling ring / mooring system / hook / mast to secure the attachment of the rope.
  • A rear view mirror: very important! Indeed, your RIB boat may not be equipped with one by default, or it may not give you a good enough visibility. It is essential to be able to keep an eye at all times on what is happening behind you for the safety of sporting activities or people being dragged.
  • Safety equipment: life jackets, buoys, spare ropes, first aid kit for bad falls etc.
  • An inflator (foot or electric) for equipment such as buoys, and some patches in case of snags or punctures.


For diving

The semi-rigid boats are closer to the water and are ideal platforms for divers. Fins, masks and snorkels are obviously essential for snorkeling enthusiasts. We also advise you to buy waterproof bags or pouches if you wish to protect fragile goods or for example take pictures underwater.

Having a floating rope is always welcome, especially in configurations with current so that the divers do not move away from the boat.

diving equipment

If you prefer deep diving, you will of course need oxygen tanks with regulators, but flashlights are also recommended for darker weather or after a few dozen meters of depth.

Harpoon guns will allow you to enjoy the pleasures of underwater hunting!

Finally, all the ordinary necessities for the safety of the divers must also be foreseen (to call the emergencies in particular).


In all weathers:

Beyond all the accessories mentioned above, a certain number of other equipment or accessories for RIBs will be useful or even vital to you. Whether it is for simple comfort or safety, here is what you will need:

  • Sea clothing (life jackets) and buoys
  • Handrails: for the larger models, to facilitate your movements on board.
  • Marine fire extinguishers
  • Callus pumps to avoid taking water.
  • Flexible tanks
  • GPS
  • Flares
  • Lights and security lighting
  • Cigarette lighter outlets for recharging your phones or other portable batteries
  • Barometer
  • Compasses, compasses
  • Binoculars



There are a host of other accessories that allow you to customize your RIB and the activities it allows you to do. Here are the ones that can make a difference:

  • Solar panels or mini wind turbines to generate additional energy (+ batteries)
  • Water purifiers
  • Plumbing (sinks, marine toilets...)
  • Gateways (for easy boarding and disembarking)
  • Televisions
  • Bedding
  • Windshield wipers
  • Threshing machine
  • Flags and flags


And here you are, you now know everything about the equipment and accessories you need for your semi-rigid sea trips! 


You are passionate about boating and semi-rigid boats? 

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