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Delivery in all Europe* | Express Shipping in 72h

Hardener for ORCA® Hardener RFE Neoprene Glue

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ORCA® hardener improves the bond strength of pneumatic assemblies.

This hardener has been specially developed for bonding water resistant Neoprene and Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene Neoprene materials, such as Orca repair fabrics

This product is suitable for all inflatable boats and dinghies of the Zodiac type, as well as any other inflatable structures.

Instructions for use: 

Lhen using ORCA® GLUE neoprene adhesive, add 5% to 10% of ORCA® HARNDENER RFE depending on the amount of ORCA® GLUE used.
From 10 liters of mixed product, it is possible to improve the pot life of the adhesive by reducing the amount of hardener to only 5% by volume.

  • Average characteristics
    • Solvents : Ethyl acetate
    • Colour: Light yellow
    • NCO content: Approximately 7.2%.
    • Reactivity: Very high
    • Packaging: Aluminium tin - 800gr
    • Flammability: Flash point below 21°C - Highly flammable
    • Storage: 12 months in its original sealed packaging, stored in a ventilated environment at 18°C
    • Cleaning: Neoprene solvent
  • Treatment : The addition of ORCA® RFE hardener significantly improves the adhesion, cohesion and especially the thermal resistance of the final binder. (Dilutable with hexane)

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