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The best mobile applications for marine navigation

The best mobile applications for marine navigation

Modern marine navigation benefits greatly from technological advances, particularly through dedicated mobile applications.

Whether you're an occasional boater or an experienced captain, these digital tools can transform your experience at sea by making navigation easier, improving access to marine weather information, or making your outings safer. 

Today, Orca Retail offers you a guide to the best apps available to help you navigate safely and efficiently. 

For each mobile application, find a summary of features, a video presentation, their ratings on the stores, and links to mobile downloads!


Best mobile applications for navigation and mapping

Navionics Boating (iOS, Android) - Free with in-app purchases

Navionics is one of the world's most popular and comprehensive marine navigation applications, developed by Garmin, a well-known GPS brand. 

It offers detailed, up-to-date nautical charts for lakes, rivers and seas worldwide.

Features include advanced route planning, real-time weather and alerts, customizable points of interest, map download for offline use, NMEA instrument support and augmented reality functionality.

Navionics offers monthly or annual subscriptions to premium features such as 3D marine charts, bathymetric maps (of the seabed) and advanced fishing tools.


iNavX (iOS, Android) - Free with in-app purchases

iNavX is an advanced marine navigation application designed for experienced boaters.

It allows you to import and overlay nautical charts, satellite images and other geospatial information.

Features include precise navigation with route and routing tools, detailed weather alerts, creation of custom waypoints and routes, support for NMEA instruments (National Marine Electronics Association standard for on-board electrical devices) and collaborative route planning.

iNavX is particularly appreciated by navigators who use complex routes or who need precise navigation for professional reasons.


Best mobile apps for marine weather

Windy (iOS, Android) - Free with in-app purchases

Windy stands out for its hyper-local and detailed weather forecasts, particularly useful for navigators.

The application offers interactive maps displaying wind, waves, currents, temperature, atmospheric pressure and precipitation. You can also follow real-time weather patterns and receive alerts for dangerous weather conditions.

Windy is an essential tool for planning your sea outings in complete safety.


SeaWeather (iOS & Android) - Free with in-app purchases

SeaWeather is a comprehensive marine weather application that provides detailed forecasts for sailors.

It displays wind, waves, water temperature, atmospheric pressure and precipitation.

SeaWeather tracks multiple locations and offers weather alerts to keep you informed of sudden changes in conditions.

The application is particularly useful for boaters navigating in areas prone to bad weather.


PredictWind (iOS, Android) - Paid subscription

PredictWind is a marine weather forecasting application designed specifically for sailing.

It offers advanced weather models, routing and navigation tools, information on tides and currents, and performance forecasts for sailboats.

PredictWind is particularly popular with professional sailors and sailing enthusiasts.


Best mobile applications for safety at sea

MarineTraffic (iOS, Android) - Free with premium subscription available

The application displays ships' positions in real time, planned route, speed, ship type and historical movement information.

MarineTraffic is particularly useful for navigators in high-traffic areas, enabling them to anticipate the movements of other vessels and avoid collisions.

AnchorWatch (iOS, Android) - Free with in-app purchases

AnchorWatch is an application designed to monitor your anchor position and alert you in the event of drift.

This feature is essential for safety, as it prevents you from drifting and colliding with other boats or underwater obstacles.



Mobile applications for marine navigation offer a variety of indispensable tools for modern sailors.

Whether you're looking to improve your route planning, monitor the weather in real time, stay connected with other sailors or guarantee your safety at sea, there's an app to suit your needs! 

By using these applications, you can not only improve your navigation, but also maximize your enjoyment and safety at sea.

Explore the possibilities offered by these digital tools and make the most of every outing on a RIB or sailboat.




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