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The best semi-rigid inflatable boat models

The best semi-rigid inflatable boat models

Of course, when we talk about RIB boats, the Zodiac brand comes to mind first, but the market is actually populated by dozens and dozens of brands.

Far from having a monopoly on the sale of RIBs, Zodiac faces fierce competition from manufacturers around the world, with hundreds of rival models.

Whether for fishing boats, pleasure craft and water sports, or boat and yacht tenders, RIBs shine because of their versatility and have many advantages: ease of use, ease of maintenance, affordable prices, stability, buoyancy, etc.

In this article, whether it's a high-end sport boat at over 100,000€, a mid-range boat for family outings while maintaining comfort, or an entry-level boat for specific tasks such as lake or sea fishing, Orca Retail, supplier of repair fabrics for RIB boats, offers you an overview of some of the most popular models on the market, and for all budgets, in order to know which RIB boat to choose 


Bateaux Semi-Rigides < 8 mètres


RIBCO Venom 44 RHIB Boats RIB inflatable boat CSM ORCA


The RIBCO Venom 44 is the largest model of the Greek manufacturer RIBCO. This sporty boat with its elegant look and natural teak floor will appeal to many.

On the engine side, it is equipped with the latest Mercury Verado 350CC 4-stroke, at a price of 29.000€ each can reach a speed of 48 knots. The recommended configuration is 3 x 350CC engines.

This model is equipped with 4 berths and 10 seats, 5 of which are protected by the T-Top.

Two solariums, a toilet area, WC with washbasin and a shower will provide all the necessary comfort.

It is currently priced at around 360,000HT with Mercury Verado 350cc engines.

Features :

  • Total length: 13.15m
  • Width: 3.52m
  • Net weight: 5800 Kg
  • Fabric: CSM neoprene CR/CSM ORCA 866 - 1670 dtex 
  • Maximum power: 1200 HP
  • Fuel tank capacity: 3x350L (1050L)
  • Water tank capacity: 170L
  • Maximum number of passengers: 16





The Stradivari 43 is the latest addition to the Capelli range, which was inspired by know-how craftsmanship of theassociation of Cremona, the birthplace of Umberto Capelli, the founder of the company, and the birthplace of Antonio Stradivari, one of the most famous violin makers in the world.

Sublime curves, elegant materials, subtle details, the design is undoubtedly a great success.

Between them stand proudly two examples of Yamaha's most powerful outboard: the 425 horsepower XTO. In order not to detract from the overall harmony, the two Japanese V8s are painted khaki to match the gel coat of the boat.

The cockpit is central, well protected by the transom and has a U-shaped bench seat for at least 8 passengers. The electric table is recessed in the floor.

Inside, the Stradivari 43 offers all the comfort expected of a RIB of this calibre. A cabin with a double berth in the bow, storage space and a side bench seat. A mid-cabin also offers two additional berths in the centre of the boat. A large washroom completes the interior layout, with a washbasin and storage on one side and a washroom and shower on the other.

In the end, discovering such an ambitious RIB is a real pleasure. Admittedly, its price is aimed at privileged yachtsmen, but isn't that the case for all top-of-the-range products? Sophisticated design, elegant lines, top quality finish, sailing qualities... We can say that the Stradivari 43 plays its part without a false note.

Price: 608,000€ with 2 Yamaha 425hp 4-stroke engines.


 Features :

  • Total length: 13.00m
  • Width: 3.60m
  • Net weight: 5500 Kg (without engines)
  • Fabric: CSM neoprene CR/CSM ORCA 866 - 1670 dtex
  • Maximum power: 900 HP (2 x 450HP)
  • Fuel tank capacity: 700L
  • Maximum number of passengers: 18
  • Builder : Capelli






The flagship of the Italian brand Zar Formenti's "Sport Luxury" line, the ZAR 85 SL is a stylish family boat, allowing large groups to go out to sea or, thanks to its welcoming dimensions, to sleep two people.

Under the steering wheel is a cabin with a double berth. The cockpit is functional and designed for a sporty 2-person driving (pilot and co-pilot).

The ZAR 85SL has a table and a kitchenette with stove, sink and refrigerator as standard, as well as numerous lockers and storage space.

On the engine side, with its Suzuki DF 300 APX, the ZAR 85 SL can reach a maximum speed of 40 knots. At 4500 rpm, its cruising speed is 26 knots for a consumption of 48L / Hour.

Its price is approximately 78,800 € H.T., to which must be added the price of the engine, at approximately 24,450 € H.T., that is to say a little more than 100,000 €.

The ZAR85 SL is available in two colours: White Gelcoat and Coloured Gelcoat.

Options for the ZAR 85SL include a rod holder (5 seats), hard tops and sun awnings, a 2 compartment fridge (90L), an extension to create a bed in the cabin, and a marine toilet.  

Features :

  • Total length: 8.55m
  • Width: 3.25m
  • Net weight: 1900 Kg
  • Fabric: CSM neoprene CR/CSM ORCA 866 - 1670 dtex
  • Maximum power: kW 372 (500 HP)
  • Fuel tank capacity: 400L
  • Water tank capacity: 100L
  • Maximum number of passengers: 12-14


Technohull sea DNA 999

Technohull sea DNA 999

Perfect for watersports outings, sunbathing in the open sea, or heading to a nearby island, the Sea DNA 999 from Greek brand Technohull doesn't mess around with comfort and performance. 

In terms of equipment, the Sea DNA 999 has one of the best offers in our selection. The use of solid teak for most of the elements (platform and deck), shower when leaving the bathing area, WC and shower inside the console (with a 175-litre fresh water tank), which thanks to a zipped tent can be used as a changing cabin, LED courtesy lighting for night stops, electric cooler, FM radio and audio system with four speakers, large sun cover...the Sea DNA 999 offers the ultimate!

The circulation on board is well thought out, with a side passage at the rear, wide side decks and a generous space between the console and the front solarium. Sleeping two people is no problem.

Nervous, the 2 engines of the Technohull allow to reach incredible speeds, even exceeding 70 knots! Thanks to its 490-litre tank, it offers a range of 245 miles, enough to make a round trip between the continent and Corsica without any problem, and all this much faster than with an NGV! 

To afford this little jewel, you should expect to pay around €150,000 for the boat itself, and a little more than €20,000 for each engine. Consequently, with its numerous options, the total bill can quickly rise to over €200,000. 

Features :

  • Total length: 10.3m
  • Width: 2.8m
  • Net weight: 2000 Kg without engine, 2600 with. 
  • Fabric: CSM neoprene CR/CSM ORCA 866 - 1670 dtex 
  • Maximum power: 700 HP (515.2 kW)
  • Fuel tank capacity: 570L
  • Water tank capacity: 100L
  • Maximum number of passengers: 8


Zodiac Medline 9

Zodiac Medline 9

How can we not mention at least one boat from the iconic French brand Zodiac? For this article, we have decided to present the Medline 9, which has a capacity of persons. 

Features include a built-in galley with sink (with optional grill), a console incorporating a living cabin with toilet, shower and WC, and aft bathing platforms with sea access. The console's three-seat bench seat can accommodate up to two adults + one child. At the bow and stern of the boat, additional seating coupled with adjustable height tables create comfortable spaces to enjoy a siesta in the sun. Zodiac has also thought of the little details that always make you happy with 6 USB charging ports, 8 integrated glass holders, plenty of storage space, and LEDs for the night. 

Optional extras include: front balcony, Garmin GPS, fridge, ski pole, bunk beds, and more. 

The Medline 9 is highly customisable, with 4 different fabrics for the interior, 4 colours for the floats and 2 colours for the hull. 

It is available without engine at around 80,000 €, and 120,000 € with two 200 HP engines allowing to reach 40 knots (more powerful engines can be installed). 

Features :

  • Total length: 8.90m
  • Width: 3.06m
  • Net weight: 1850 Kg
  • Fabric: CSM neoprene CR/CSM ORCA 866 - 1670 dtex 
  • Maximum power: 450 HP or 2 x 350 HP
  • Fuel tank capacity: 400L
  • Water tank capacity: 50L shower and 43L toilet (waste water)
  • Maximum number of passengers: 8-14


 Many other manufacturers offer boats of 8 meters and more like Nuova Jolly, Capelli, BRIG, BWA, Joker Boat, LOMAC, MV Marine, North Star, Ranieri, Sacs, Salpa, Selva...

RIB boats between 6 & 8 metres



Exceptional hull and comfort on board for this new 8-metre model which concentrates all the innovations and know-how of the SALPA shipyard.

After the success of the SOLEIL range and the particular 23 and 28, the SALPA shipyard decided to combine the best of both with the SALPA Soleil 26.

It has the comfort of the 28 but also the agility of the 23. A perfect compromise for those looking for a boat that is comfortable yet easy to transport.

Features :

  • Total length: 8.00m
  • Width: 3.00m
  • Net weight: 1500Kg (without engine)
  • Maximum power:300 HP
  • Fuel tank capacity: 300L
  • Maximum number of passengers: 15

BWA Sport 22 GTO

BWA Sport 22 GTO

The BWA Sport 22 GTO from Milan's Ribitaly is a good mid-range model. 

It has good acceleration, and a top speed of about 45 knots with a 200 horsepower engine (compared to about 40 knots with a 150 horsepower engine). The range offered is estimated at between 160 and 190 nautical miles.

The BWA Sport 22 GTO has a spacious cockpit and an aft saloon that can be converted into a solarium, and can accommodate a total of 13 people.

As standard, it includes fairly standard equipment (compass, bilge pump, cushions, lockers, shower ...). As an option, you can choose to add a console cover or a complete cover, a ski mast, a wakeboard kit, or a synthetic teak deck. 

Available at 44.280 € without engine, you will have to add 17.600 € for a Suzuki 150 hp 4T. This means a budget of a little over €60,000 in total, or even more if you decide to upgrade to a more powerful engine and add options.

Features :

  • Total length: 6.75m
  • Width: 2.75m
  • Net weight: 740 Kg (without engine)
  • Maximum power: 200 HP (147.2 kW)
  • Fuel tank capacity: 190L
  • Maximum number of passengers: 13


Some brands offering boats over 6 metres: ASIS, BAT Marine, AVON, Adventure, Bombard, BSC, Centaure, Falcon, Fanale Marine, GRAND, Highfield, Humber, Narwhal, OSPREY, Sillinger... 

RIB Boats > 6 metres 


The Pro RIB Boat is one of the smallest models in the Ribcraft range, versatile and surprisingly resilient in open sea conditions, particularly effective for rescue operations. 

It is sold at around EUR 22,600 (excluding VAT) on the manufacturer's online shop, without options. 

Options include seats and an extra bench for two people, anti-slip patches, oars and the possibility to customise the colour or material of the main elements (e.g. stainless steel).

Features :

  • Total length: 4.8m
  • Width: 2.1m
  • Net weight: 275 Kg (Hull only)
  • Maximum power: 50-70 HP
  • Fuel tank capacity: 25L
  • Maximum number of passengers: 6


AB Oceanus 15 VST

TheOceanus 15 VST from AB Inflatables is the ideal solution for couples looking for a thrill. 

Although it is supposed to be able to accommodate more people, the model actually has only four seats: a double bench seat for a couple, while a first seat at the very front of the boat and a second seat in front of the cockpit will be suitable for friends or two children for family outings. 

The bench seat has storage to keep your belongings dry. The boat also has a stereo system with speakers mounted under the main seat. 

Its centre console consists of a large stainless steel steering wheel, with the engine throttle on the right, a Raymarine VHF radio, a stereo control unit and Yamaha engine instruments.

Its 95L tank allows you to go out for several hours without any problem, and the engine will propel you up to 32 knots, at 5700 rpm.

To buy it, you should expect to pay just under €8,000, without options. 

Features :

  • Total length: 4.57m
  • Width: 1.99m
  • Net weight: 275 Kg (Hull only)
  • Maximum power: 75 HP / 56.0kw
  • Fuel tank capacity: 95L
  • Maximum number of passengers: 9



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